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Monday, December 6, 2010

Travel App Review: AUTOSLASH.COM - Car Rental Site

Very useful site when booking a rental car.  It is superior to Priceline and other all in one sites, the search feature will automatically enter promo codes for you.  It also tracks changes in pricing once you reserve your car, AutoSlash sends you an alert so you can re-book if the price drops.  Rental car agencies are known for changing their pricing on a daily basis. 

I used the site for a recent trip and compared to Priceline, I got a better price and it was easier to use.  I was also impressed with the coupon section.  I always find myself clipping coupons and not using them or misplacing them.  The coupon page of AutoSlash is convenient. also has a helpful blog on it's site that advises the traveler on the tips and tricks to get the most and spend less on their car rentals.  Recently, they had a tip on their blog about how rental car companies charge you for "free airline miles" when you rent. 

Whether you are travelling for the holidays or you travel for business, check out 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Philippines: Great Bargain for Beach Vacation

Do you have the Philippines Inside?  You like the Philippines.  The Philippines likes you.

The Philippines may be just about to rudely shove Thailand off the ‘best cheap beaches’ perch it’s occupied for the best part of two decades. While travellers argue long and hard about which is cheaper, there’s no denying Thailand is more popular.

For those who desire nothing more than to find great, undiscovered beaches, surf the odd wave and eat unique, distinctive food for under US$20 a day, the Philippines has the edge.

Camara Island, Pundaquit.  San Antonio, Zambales.  Philippines

Add in the possibility of beach camping along the Zambales Coast or in the Bacuit Archipelago and you’ve got the recipe for timeless island hopping that suits any budget. Ferries link many idyllic destinations in the Philippines. Expect to pay around US$5 for each hour you’re on the water.